Alma K Dead Sea Minerals Recharge Travel Kit for Men

Alma K Dead Sea Minerals Recharge Travel Kit for Men
Brand: Alma K Dead Sea Minerals
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Take Alma K with you wherever you go!A comfortable travel bag with Refreshing Shampoo and Shower Gel, Revitalizing Shaving Cream & Nourishing Aftershave Balm you’ll have all you need while being away!Refreshing Shampoo & Shower Gel:Shampoo & shower gel gives a fresh, fragranced head-to-toe cleansing experience. Rich lathering formula for skin and hair, with Dead Sea minerals, sweet almond oil and chamomile extract, for deep relaxation in the daily shower.Revitalizing Shaving Cream:Calm and nourish razor-stressed skin with light, rich Shaving Cream based on Dead Sea minerals, plant oils, vitamin E and essential fatty acids. Softens facial hair for an easier shave, and a smooth, hydrated sensation.Nourishing Aftershave Balm:Relaxing after shave formula restores hydration with a blend of nourishing Dead Sea minerals and plant oils. Vitamin-packed seaweed helps relieve post-shave redness and irritability, with calming chamomile for a smooth, vital finish.Användning:Refreshing Shampoo and Shower Gel:Apply onto wet hair and skin, and lather until a cleansing foam forms. Rinse well in lukewarm water. For daily use. Revitalizing Shaving Cream:Apply a thin, uniform layer of shaving cream onto wet facial skin. Rinse away any cream residue in lukewarm water and follow with Alma K Nourishing Aftershave Balm. Nourishing Aftershave Balm:After shaving, apply to face on the beard area. Gently massage in using circular motions until fully absorbed. For Daily use. Alma K Dead Sea Minerals Recharge Travel Kit for Men